NEWS: Barton Lynch Announces World’s Biggest Grom Board Swap


Every single year we see groms selling boards out the back of their cars. We want to help you get those boards to the rightful new owners, with a little guidance and advice from the professionals.

We’re so stoked to announce that at the 2018 Hurley BL’s Blast Off presented by Beecraft, we’ll be holding the world’s biggest grom board swap. This is an opportunity for you to bring your old boards, that you’ve out-grown and sell or swap them to groms younger than you.

BONUS! The legends who provide boards for most of the World Tour surfers at Lost Mayhem Surfboards and Channel Islands Surfboards Australia will be on hand to help you and your parents out with advice on any boards that you like before you make the swap or purchase. They’ll let you know whether it’s the right choice for you. They’ll also have some great demos and 2nd hand boards of their own you might dig.

“This is such a fantastic opportunity for parents and groms to give their equipment a second life with a family who it may fit just right.” Said Barton Lynch, “we’ve seen so many families selling their boards and wetties out the back of their cars at the event over the years, so we thought it was the perfect time to bring everyone together and help you out. We’re stoked that some of the top board guys in the WORLD want to help everyone out too. If you see a board you like, or parents, if your grom sees something they like, just take it over to the pros and get their advice on how long it will work for them and whether it’s really the right board for them. It’s win-win.”

To be part of the board swap simply bring what you want to sell to the beach, make sure you decide on the price you want to sell it for and lay it down in the Board Swap area.


DATES: Tuesday 2nd October & Wednesday 3rd October

TIMES: 10am -12pm

LOCATION: At the event location

HOW: To Be A Seller/Swapper: Let us know that you’ve got boards to swap/sell  and how many


  • Bring your boards
  • De-wax your boards
  • Work out a price range or a swapping guide for them (or chat to the Channel Islands / Lost Mayhem guys on the day)


  • You’ll need to have a parent around to man the board and do any deals.
  • Boards can’t be bought or traded by groms under 18.
  • All transactions are between the two parties and BL’s Blast Off takes no responsibilities for or any liability for trades or transactions.


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