Meet The Holstrom Groms, Featured In Surfing World Magazine



Meet one surf stoked family from BL’s Blast Off who entered the Surfing World x Coastalwatch comp to get a feature in Surfing World Magazine. This story was published in the November issue of Surfing World. One grom will have a feature published each month for 12 months. 

The Holstrom family haven’t always lived by the beach. They weren’t playing in the shories as toddlers. Instead they were ripping up the red dusty plains of Port Headland on quadbikes, floating down the rivers and running rife. The family spent seven years in Australia’s desolate north west where the kids, Braxon (12), Xennex (10) and Asha (8) spent so little time outside playing sport because of the intense heat. The ocean “flat as a pancake.”

When they moved back to the Sunshine Coast last year their lives quickly changed. They swapped their quaddies for quads and adapting pretty quickly to the great Aussie grom life.

In September they packed up a van and made that epic roadtrip from Kawana to Sydney’s Northern Beaches on their first ever surf trip. The three competed in the Hurley BL’s Blast Off presented by Beecraft and they’ve rated it as one of the best experiences in their young lives. We had a quick chat with them about all the priorities in their lives.

SW: Describe your bedroom walls. Any posters? Trophies? 

Brax: I’ve got a heap of stickers and a poster of Mick Fanning. Oh and the Blast Off one.
Xen: Well, I’ve got two Mick Fanning posters and a Rip Curl poster. Oh also, I won a local surf comp – the Currimundi Surf Festival – and I got this trophy that had a fin mounted in wood.
Asha: I won some fins at Blast Off and when I got back I took one of them to my Grandpa and he made me a trophy out of it. It’s so cool.

Who’s the best surfer in the family?

Xen: Me! Me and Brax are the same. See he’s older than me but when he was my age, like he wasn’t as good as what I am now so I’m the better surfer as a 10 year old.

Who’s your favourite surfer right now?

Asha: Stephanie Gilmore because she’s Australian and she’s sponsored by Roxy. But not just because she’s a girl. I also love Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater.
Xen: I don’t have a favourite actually because I have three – Jordy, Mick and Connor O’Leary. I think Connor is such a ripper and he’s a rookie. He rips so hard. I think he as huge potential to win a Title.
Brax: Definitely Mick.

If you could make any surf trick in the world what would it be?

Brax: Mine would be a 360 in the air.
Xen: Mine would be a rodeo flip.
Ash: I would do a triple front flip.

Who will win the World Titles this year?

Brax: I dunno, probably John John coz he rips and he’s from Hawaii.
Xen: I reckon Jordy, John John or Fanning. Oh, but maybe it will be Connor next year? Connor rips!
Ash: Steph Gilmore or Sally Fitzgibbons.

What’s the best surf family holiday you’ve ever been on?

Xen: Probably when we went to BL’s Blast Off. We did a two week road trip from our house down the coast and stopped at all these sick surf spots like Yamba, Seal rocks, Shoal Bay then finished up in North Narrabeen.
Brax: And Boomerang Beach, so fun. We’ve been on three surf trips now. I just love surf trips. Bali was pretty fun. We went to Gnarloo, that was fun. But Sydney was the best ‘cause I could surf properly on so many different waves.
Ash: BL’s Blast Off for sure.

What’s the best thing about Mum and Dad?

Xen: Their support and cooking.
Brax: Yeah anything Mum cooks that has to do with chocolate.

If you could be anything in the world, surf related or not, what would it be?

Brax: A guy made of chocolate so I could eat myself.
Xen: I’d be pro surfer. But I’d like to live in a gold house made of surfboards. So you can just walk around and pick off any surfboard to use then put it back.
Ash: A pro surfer so I can surf everyday in so many different places.

What’s your favourite thing to do besides surf?

Ash: Hanging out with my friends, and running and swimming.
Xen: I love skating hanging out with friends.
Brax: Making surf edits. Mum takes the videos of me and my friends and then we get them off the camera and get edits together. Our favourites are the fails clips. You can watch them on our Instagram account @kawana_stuntz

We’re part of Kawana boardriders too!


Xennex (10) is the brown haired one on the Belcher board. Braxon (12) is the blondie on the Mt Woodgee board. Asha (8) is easy to pic.


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