Terms & Conditions of Entry

Celebrating 12 Years of Blast Off

In 2018 The HURLEY BL’s BLAST OFF presented by BEECRAFT celebrates its 12th year.

BL’s Blast Off has many unique characteristics that set it apart from the rest, it is more a coaching program than a surfing contest although it does have that component and it runs during the week instead of the usual weekend, giving kids (who are on school holidays) the run of the beach. Every participant surfs at least two or three times before anybody is eliminated and heats are not scored on points. Instead, surfers are placed 1st to 6th based on their overall performance and are given advice and coaching to assist them in the next round and help improve their future surfing.

PLEASE NOTE: In 2018 there will be NO REFUNDS given for withdrawals of entrants to the event, so we encourage parents to seriously consider their availability and schedules before confirming attendance of your child to Blast Off.

If you have any issues with your entry please contact [email protected]

Divisions include:

Boys 14’s, 12’s, 10’s, 8’s and 6s and Girls 14, 12’s, 10’s, 8s and 6’s.

Surfers may enter only one division. Surfers must be the age of the division on the last day of the event – 5th October, 2018. For example: If you are 12 on the 5th of September, then you can enter the 12s. If you turn 13 any day before the last day of the event you would be in the 14s.

This process applies to all divisions.

Entry fee is $99.00 AUD

Entries will close Friday the 31st Oct 2018 or when the division is full.

Contest starts 8am Tuesday 2nd October 2018.

The entry fee into the 2018 event includes;

  • A place in the draw for your division
  • A show bag with goodies from event partners
  • An exclusive Hurley BL’s Blast Off 2018 T-Shirt
  • A full sessions debrief and video coaching for you and your parent from the Hurley Surf Club and professional coaches after your sessions are surfed in the first two rounds.
  • A Coastalwatch Plus three month subscription
  • The Tuesday night twilight BBQ at Beach Without Sand
  • Entry into GoPro Blast Off Idol for those wanting to enter. Only 10 spots available – tick the box if you would like to enter.

GoPro Blast Off Idol

Blast Off Idol is an evening celebration and our very own talent search competition that allows the kids to show us their other talents and takes place at Palm Beach RSL club on Thursday evening 4th of October 2018 .

Let’s Have A Blast

BL’s Blast Off is not about who wins but about improving your surfing performance while having a blast with your family and friends and building community spirit.

For more information please visit www.blblastoff.com.au

Terms & Conditions of Entry 1. If my application is accepted I will be permitted to participate in BL’s Blast Off (“the event”) subject to my complying with the rules and regulations for the Event

  1. Warning: Participation in the Event can be inherently dangerous. I acknowledge that I am exposed to certain risks during the event including but not limited to physical hazards, unpredictable and dangerous surf and weather conditions, equipment contact and use, and actions by other competitors. I acknowledge that accidents can and often do happen which may result in me being injured or even killed, or my property being damaged. I have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in the Event. To the full extent permitted by law, I agree to absolve and indemnify The Surfers Group Pty Ltd (“TSG”), BARTON LYNCH Hurley (“)(”), and Surfing NSW (“SNSW”), and all the other associated sponsors and companies, their directors, officers and employees from and against any and all liability for injury, loss or damage however cased arising out of my participation in the event.
  2. Fitness to Participate: I declare that I am medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Event.
  3. Rescue, First Aid & Medical Treatment: I consent to receiving and will accept any rescue assistance, first aid or medical treatment that the Event Organiser or authorised representatives consider necessary or desirable during the Event. I agree to reimburse the Event Organiser for any costs or expenses incurred in providing me with medical treatment.
  4. Privacy: I understand that the information I have provided in this application is necessary for the conduct of the Event and for the objectives of TSG. I acknowledge and agree that the information will only be used by the Event Organiser to facilitate the conduct of the Event and future Events conducted by the Event Organiser and will only be provided to third parties to provide me with promotional material from Event sponsors and third parties. I understand that I will be able to access my information through TSG. If the information is not provided my entry may be rejected. I acknowledge that if I do not wish to receive promotional material from Event sponsors and third parties I must advise TSG in writing.
  5. Right to use image: I acknowledge and consent to photographs and electronic images being taken of me during my participation in the Event. I acknowledge that such photographs and images are owned by TSG and that it may use the photographs for promotional or other purposes without my further consent being obtained. Further, I consent to the Event Organisers using my name, image, likeness and also my performance in the Event, at any time by any form of media, to promote the Event.
  6. Prevailing conditions: I acknowledge and agree that:

(a) the Event can and will be affected by the weather conditions; and

(b) the Event Organiser cannot control the weather and that the weather conditions may change without warning;

(c) there is an element of the “luck of the prevailing conditions” in undertaking the Event; and

(d) If the Event is cancelled due to weather or other ‘Act of God’ conditions or other factors beyond the control of the Event Organiser, my entry fee shall be non-refundable.

8.(a) Refunds: Once the entry fee has been processed there will be NO REFUNDS.

(b) All Prizes cannot be exchanged for money or credit and are non-transferable.

  1. I have provided the information required and accept all terms and conditions. I warrant that all information provided is true and correct.
  2. I have read, understood, acknowledge and agree to the above declaration including the warning, exclusion of liability, release and indemnity. I acknowledge that if my application to enter the Event is successful I will be entitled to participate in the Event.

As the parent or guardian of the applicant I authorise and consent to the applicant participating in the Event. I agree to be responsible for the applicant’s behaviour and agree to accept in my capacity as parent or guardian the conditions set out in this application and declaration including the provision by me of a release and indemnity in the terms set out in the Terms & Conditions. In addition, I agree to be bound by and to comply with the Event Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can enter the Hurley BL’s Blast Off?

Blast Off is open to any boy or girl who is 14 years and under as at the 5th October 2018.

You will need to have surfed for a period of time sufficient to give you surfing skills that would be described as being better than a beginner. You should be able to paddle into and catch your own waves for all divisions other than the 6s

  1. What age division am I in?

BL’s Blast Off has the following divisions for both girls and boys:

  • 6 years and under
  • 8 years and under
  • 10 years and under
  • 12 years and under
  • 14 years and under

Your division will be determined by your age as at the 5th Oct 2018.

So if, for example, you are 8 years old and turn 9 the day after the event ends, you are in the 8yrs and under division. However if you turn 9 at any stage before or during the event you will be in the 10 and under division.

You will be entered in the age division that is the oldest age you are at anytime during the event.

  1. When can we find out the running schedule for each day?

As the kids safety is our number one priority we determine each days schedule after assessing the conditions that morning –with these things in mind we decide the days running schedule. This is done by 7am for an 8am start.

We make the schedule available on Facebook (Barton Lynch’s page), Instagram @blsblastoff & @barton_lynch, on the website www.blblastoff.com.au and on the Blast Off Hotline 0421 834 114.

NB: The hotline is not an answer service and any messages left on it will NOT be heard. This is solely an info hotline and not an attended phone line.

  1. When do I surf in my sessions?

Every participant in every division should surf in a heat on each of the first two days and needs to be ready for a heat start at 8am on the Monday morning. All participants should be prepared to surf every day of the event period.

The schedule for the day will be decided each morning and then posted on the hotline, Facebook & Instagram and www.blblastoff.com.au

  1. Do I have to be there every day and for each of my heats?

When you enter Blast Off you are making a commitment to participate in your heats with the understanding that it could take all of the event days to do so based on conditions and that there are other kids who would have loved a start but missed out.

  1. Can I enter more than one division?

No, you can only enter one division and this is because of the number of people wanting to take part and the need to accommodate as many participants as possible.

  1. Do you have parent assist in the younger divisions?

Yes we have parent assist in the 6s and 8s divisions, from the 10s and up there is no parent assist.

Please see the “Parent assist rules” at the website for the total explanation – www.blblastoff.com.au

  1. How and when can we see the heat draws?

Heat draws for round 1/ day 1 will be published on the Friday afternoon before the event (on the 22nd Sept) at www.blblastoff.com.au, and Facebook – Barton Lynch

  1. What if my division is full when I try to enter?

In the situation that your division is full you can still enter but will be placed on the waitlist and not charged and then notified when and if a position becomes available.

When you receive notification of a spot opening up you will have 24 hours to confirm your spot and pay or it will be given to the next in line.

Waitlisted surfers will be included in the order they are received.

  1. Can I get a refund if I have to pull out at anytime after entering?

There are NO REFUNDS in 2018. So please make sure you seriously consider your availability and schedules before confirming your registration as we will not be refunding any entry this year.

  1. Do I have to accompany my child to and from, and while at Blast Off?

Yes you do. Your child cannot be unaccompanied at any time while at the event and adult supervision & the child’s safety is the parent/ guardians responsibility. It is also the parent/guardians responsibility to ensure children turn up to their sessions on time.

  1. Who will I see the charge come from on my credit card when entering?

When you enter Blast Off you will see the charge on your credit or debit card come from “COASTALWATCH PTY LTD”.

  1. What is the GoPro Blast Off Idol and who can enter it?

Blast Off Idol is our very own talent search competition and is open to anyone who is entered in the Blast Off surfing event/ program. Acts can be anything that would be considered entertaining.

You will perform your act on the Wednesday evening, there are judges that assess the performances and there are prizes for participants and acts deemed the most entertaining. Your can sing, play instruments, act, rap, beat box, poetry, whatever your other talents may be.

Participant numbers are limited to 10 acts so please get in quick if you are keen. Also please be 100%  sure you want to participate before securing one of the places.

We will have a “waitlist” for those who miss the cut just in case of withdrawals.