Parent Assist Rules

If you intend to accompany your child in the water during their heat and assist them in catching waves you must first indicate your intention to do so with the Beach Marshall when checking in for the heat. The Beach Marshall shall then inform the judges/ coaches on the heat so they are aware.

The parent should have a sufficient level of competency to assist and not endanger themselves, their child or the other participants in the heat. They should be competent swimmers and experienced in surfing themselves with an understanding of the rules and etiquette of the sport.

The parent should not hassle or intimidate any other surfers in the heat, particularly those who are out there alone. The parent should take their turn in the line up and we insist that good sportsmanship be applied.

Any child who is assisted by their parent will be assessed accordingly and more merit will be awarded to surfers who catch waves on their own and are out in the line up unassisted.

The parent assisting assumes all responsibility for themselves and their child.

There will be a briefing for all participants intending to use “Parent Assist” at the event site.