Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can enter BL’s Blast Off?

BL BLAST OFF is open to any boy or girl who is 14 years and under as of the last day of the event window.

You will need to have surfed for a period of time sufficient to give you surfing skills that would be described as being better than a beginner.

2. What age division am I in?

The BL Blast Off has the following divisions for both girls and boys:

  • 6 years and under
  • 8 years and under
  • 10 years and under
  • 12 years and under
  • 14 years and under

Your division will be determined by your age as of the last day of the event window.

So if, for example, you are 8 years old and turn 9 the day after the event ends, you are in the 8yrs and under division. However, if you turn 9 at any stage during the event you will be in the 10 and under division.

You will be entered in the age division that is the age you are at any time during the event.

 3. When can we find out the running schedule for each day?

As the groms safety is our number one priority we determine each day’s schedule after assessing the conditions each morning –with these things in mind we decide the days running schedule. This is done by 7am for an 8am start.

We make the schedule available on Facebook BL Blast Off page & Barton Lynch page and Instagram @blblastoff & @barton_lynch, and on the Blast Off Hotline.

NB: any messages left on the hotline answer service will NOT be heard. This is solely an info hotline and not an attended phone line.

 4. When do I surf in my heat?

Every participant in every division should surf in a heat on each of the first two days and needs to be ready for a heat start at 8am on the opening morning.

The schedule for the day will be decided each morning and then posted on the hotline, Facebook & Instagram.

 5. Do I have to be there every day and for each of my heats?

When you enter Blast Off you are making a commitment to participate in your heats with the understanding that there are other kids who would have loved a start but missed out, so yes, you do have to surf in each of your heats and be available every day.

 6. Can I enter more than one division?

No, you can only enter one division and this is because of the number of people wanting to take part and the need to accommodate as many participants as possible.

 7. Do you have the parent assist in the younger divisions?

Yes, we have parent assist in the boys and girls 6s and 8s divisions, from the 10s and up there is no parent assist.

Please see the “Parent assist rules” on the website.

 8. How and when can we see the heat draws?

Heat draws for round 1/ day 1 will be published on the afternoon before the event on our website and social media.

 9. What if my division is full when I try to enter?

In the situation that your division is full, you can enter but will be placed on the waitlist and not charged and then notified when and if a position becomes available. When you receive notification of a spot opening up you will have 24 hours to confirm your spot and pay or it will be given to the next in line. Waitlisted surfers will be included in the order they are received.

 10. Can I get a refund if I have to pull out at any time after entering?

Please be advised that there are NO REFUNDS so please check all your information carefully before entering.

 11. Do I have to accompany my child to and from, and while at Blast Off?

Yes, you do. Your child cannot be unaccompanied at any time while at the event and adult supervision & the child’s safety is the parent/ guardians responsibility. It is also the parent/guardians responsibility to ensure children turn up to their heat on time.

 12. Who will I see the charge come from on my credit card when entering?

When you enter Blast Off you will see the charge on your credit or debit card come from “Epicentre”.

 13. What is Blast Off Idol and who can enter it?

Blast Off Idol is our very own talent search competition and is open to anyone who is entered in the Blast Off surfing event/ program.

You will perform your act at an evening event, there are judges that assess the performances and there are prizes for participants deemed the most entertaining. You can sing, play instruments, act, rap, beatbox, poetry, whatever your other talents may be.

There are limited numbers so please get in quick if you are keen. Also please be 100% sure you want to participate before securing one of the places.

We will have a “waitlist” for those who miss the cut off just in case of withdrawals.