Assessment Explanation

The Blast Off coaching and judging criteria was designed to establish good behaviour patterns in young surfers and consists of a detailed surfing assessment and no numerical value is given to a wave. It considers and rewards good waterman skills and evaluates paddling, line up positioning, reading and the use of conditions, wave selection and then the performance on the wave.

The coaches/ judges will consider and reward positioning for catching the wave and the spring to your feet. Are your bottom turns performed at the best place on the wave and with good technique? This same evaluation process will take place for all the major manoeuvres including top turns such as reo’s, foam climbs, floaters, snaps, cutbacks – these foundational manoeuvres will be valued as will reverses, aerials and new school tricks. They will all be evaluated and performances on good waves will outscore performances on poor waves. Generally the bigger the wave the better, unless the conditions determine that other waves are better.

Length of ride is considered important.

The speed generated is important and so is the rhythm and flow in the turns, it must fit in with what best compliments or suits the wave. The interpretation of that wave and the lines chosen and moves performed will all be considered and evaluated for heat placement.

The tighter and closer to the breaking part of the wave surfed the more critical and difficult it is considered to be.

At blast off we love the barrel and tubes will be considered highly. Your rhythm with the ocean and waves will be evaluated. We will consider how you utilise the available space on the wave and if you maximised the scoring opportunities available on the wave you selected. The better the wave the better the opportunities.

Finally sportsmanship will be evaluated and considered in your performance, hassling will not be rewarded. There is a time and place for everything but you are asked to surf your heat assuming a sense of priority or “whose turn it is” and the turn goes to the person who has been out the back waiting the longest.

All participants are encouraged to shake hands with your fellow participants at the end of your heat and leave what ever happened in the heat in the water and focus on your next performance.

Thanks and get ready to Blast Off!