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Today was cultural awareness day down at Whale Beach for Day 2 of the Hurley BLs Blast Off presented by Beecraft. The day started amazingly with the welcome to country and smoking ceremony by Aunty Shirley Lomas, Terry Olsen and Gumaroy who involved a large group of groms and their families who took part in paying their respects to the traditional people and land. Barton Lynch said “This has always been a really important part of running an event for me, we need to do out part in teaching the kids about that the land we live on and it’s original inhabitants. We were really happy with how the morning went and how many people took part.”

“Today we presented the lucky draw from Streetboarbz, all the kids were stoked on their new surf specific skateboards.” Said BL. “It was a really great day all round with small 1-2 feet conditions – small but perfect and the sunshine out for the whole day. All the youngest kids surfed today in the smaller waves and it was awesome as always to see kids here who are competing in their first ever contest in the same event as the best kids in the country, it makes it a really special and inspiring occasion.”

Tonight Blast Off will hold it’s Blast Off Idol event where participants will take to the stage to perform musical, dramatic or comedic talents in front of a packed house at Club Palm Beach.

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