Day 1 – Monday 21st September





*Schedule subject to change – Click to view Draw

Even though the schedule has been published and there are no boys 14s and 12s or Girls 14s on tomorrow please come to the event and pick up your special edition Blast Off Hurley event t-shirt and showbag, this year you will not have to wait until after you surf to get your goodies, you can pick them up at anytime on Monday so if you are nearby come and get it please. Be great to see you and there will be all the usual fun and games with heaps of prizes and even the dunk tank so come and enjoy Blast Off 2015.

The reason for this scheduling is that on Wednesday and Thursday there is an expected increase in swell size that might make it too big for those really young kids to surf, so it is my intention to try and get the really young kids completed by Tuesday afternoon before the increase.

Boys 14s and 12s and girls 14s should be ready to surf Tuesday and the schedule for that day will be released tomorrow afternoon. But again come by tomorrow and pick up your Blast Off Hurley T-shirt and goodie bag. Thanks and see you tomorrow, yew!!

North Bank

  • BOYS 10s Rnd1 HEATS 1 – 4
  • GIRLS 6s Rnd1 HEATS X 1
  • BOYS 6s Rnd1 HEATS X 2
  • GIRLS 8s Rnd1 HEATS X 2
  • BOYS 10s Rnd1 HEATS 5 – 9
  • GIRLS 6s Rnd2 HEATS X 1
  • BOYS 6s Rnd2 HEATS X 2
  • GIRLS 8s Rnd2 HEATS X 2
  • BOYS 10s Rnd2 HEATS 1 – 7

26 heats total x 20 min= 8 hrs 40mins

South Bank

  • GIRLS 10s Rnd1 HEATS X 4
  • BOYS 8s Rnd1 HEATS X 6
  • GIRLS 10s Rnd2 HEATS X 4
  • BOYS 8s Rnd2 HEATS X 6
  • GIRLS 12s Rnd1 HEATS X 4
  • BOYS 10s Rnd2 HEATS 8 – 9

26 heats total x 20 min = 8hrs 40mins

COASTALWATCH FORECAST – Sunday 20th September 2015

coastalwatch forecast monday

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