The Birthplace Of Stoke


The creation of BL BLAST OFF in 2006 has cultivated a nurturing and encouraging environment for Grommets (surfers 14 and under) and their families. BL BLAST OFF began in Sydney, Australia and has grown exponentially, built with a motto of “Coaching kids, not judging them”.

BL BLAST OFF is accessible to all and doesn’t discriminate by gender or ability. Founded and organised by 1988 World Surfing Champion Barton Lynch, Blast Off aims to introduce young surfers to the world of competition in a friendly and encouraging environment that focuses on surf improvement and family fun.

In Sydney, Australia The BL BLAST OFF attracts over 330 kids and runs every Spring school holidays at Whale Beach NSW, with Palm Beach and Avalon as the backup venues. In 2019, BL BLAST OFF started its international expansion with events in Bali and the Maldives planned.

Divisions include Boys 14’s, 12’s, 10’s, 8’s and 6s and Girls 14, 12’s, 10’s, 8s and 6’s.




The BL BLAST OFF has many unique characteristics that set it apart from the rest. It’s not just a surf event but a family surf festival, a coaching program and surfing championships.

The BLAST OFF program has many activities including the Blast Off Idol, SK8 Night, Art and Cultural Events, Blast Off Grom Summit, The welcome BBQ,  and a whole lot more.

Every participant surfs at least two times before anybody is eliminated and heats are not scored on points. Instead, surfers are placed 1st to 6th based on their overall performance and are given advice and coaching to help them improve and assist them in the next round.



It is incredible to watch the kids improve day by day under the guidance of a world champion and the professional coaches and for them to enjoy the activities, games and heaps of family fun generated. BL BLAST OFF is not just the participants but is creating a carnival atmosphere that the whole family loves.

At BL’s Blast Off, the kids get to meet and hang with the champions of the sport, people like seven-time World Champion Layne Beachley, Tom Carroll, Rabbit Bartholomew, Damien Hardman, Ben Player – World Bodyboard champion, Big wave chargers Justin “Jughead” Allport and Dylan Longbottom, Pro’s Nathan Hedge, Austin Ware, Richie Lovett, Toby Martin, Cooper Chapman and more are there to inspire the kids.

Every kid who participates in Blast Off will receive a prize bag full of goodies from the sponsors. Finalists receive incredible prizes from 1st through to 6th in every division.




The welcome BBQ is held every event on the opening evening and is free of charge for all Blast Off families. There are free raffles and lots of prize giveaways, a sausage sizzle and an outdoor surf movie screening. This evening gives us the chance to come together as a community and celebrate.




Blast Off Idol is our very own talent search competition that allows the kids to show us their other talents and includes the presentation of the Keenest Groms Awards to the first entries received in each division plus our participant’s lucky draw

Performances and acts can be of any nature as long as they are considered entertaining and at BLAST OFF IDOL we’ve seen it all, from poetry to amazing voices and instrumentals, individual and group acts, comedies, dances, all the way to Deep Purples “Smoke On The Water” performed on a chain saw. Just like the surfing component of the event, Idol is all about participation and inclusion.

Blast Off Idol takes place in the evening at a local venue where families come together to have a meal and enjoy the show. Idol is judges by a celebrity panel and we award prizes to standout acts.



The BL BLAST OFF has raised donations for the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS), Humpty Dumpty Foundation, the Cancer Council NSW, SurfAid, Surfrider Foundation and Palm Beach and Avalon SLSC.

The Disabled Surfers Association DSA of Australia has been a charity partner of the BL Blast Off since our beginning and we have continued to donate to them on an annual basis

Blast Off has continued to raise funds for the Surfrider Foundation and at every event we conduct a beach clean up leaving the environment cleaner than when we arrived.




The BL BLAST OFF is not about who wins but about having a blast with your family and friends and building community spirit.

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