2016 Keenest Groms Announced


This year’s Blast Off “Keenest Groms” recipients will be the first kids in Australia to go through a session at the newly launched Hurley Surf Club that will see them surf, be videoed and then coached by Hurley’s coaches to improve their surfing. The winners are

14’s – Ben Hrones
12’s – Ollie Hrones
10’s – Reef Roberts
8’s – Phoenix Visscher
6’s – Indica Corcoran

14’s – Blaze Roberts
12’s – Lily Macdonald
10’s – Ava Roberts
8’s – Harper Smales
6’s – Isla Schomberg

To win your division in the “Keenest Grom” awards you have to be the first entry received, the opening of entries are not announced and there is great competition to be ON it and first to enter.

Congrats to the kids and their parents for their enthusiasm and froth in Blast Off and this year besides the traditional prize bag that previous winners have one, that you also will receive this year, our winners in 2016 will have the real privilege of being the first to experience this brand new initiative from the world’s leading brand.

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