Beecraft Is Part Of The Foundations For Kids Surfing At Blast Off


A Note From BL:

My personal relationship with Beecraft and its principal Bruce Carey came when he approached me to coach his 12-year-old son Jackson. Jacko absolutely rips and is a great surfer. It was a pleasure to coach him.

Bruce approached me about Blast Off in 2011 where he came onboard to provide several coaching scholarships, before becoming a sponsor of the event and then the events presenting partner.

Beecraft is an integral part of Blast Off each year and we are so stoked to have them part of our family. Their support is vital to the running of the event and our goal of providing an amazing surfing experience for the kids and making Blast Off bigger and better each year.

Beecraft has invested significantly and I am very appreciative for their consistent support and belief in what we do.

They are a great Aussie company who really love surfing and want to support the kids. So,  if you need a building company give them your support.

(Top photo of Jackson Carey, photo below Bruce Carey)

Namotu Island Carey


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